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Metropolitan's life cover products cater to a price conscious insurance buyer who wants to get the most from his or her life cover policy, and get even more with great benefits. You could say that well this is everyone looking to buy insurance, and you would be right. If you want a great service from a highly regarded life insurance company, the Metropolitan is the one for you.




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Under the Metropolitan Life Cover umbrella, a host of exceptional life cover products are available for you to compare and buy.

There are different products to choose from and they are:

FutureBuilder Life Cover

This is the simplest of Metropolitan's life cover products.

Your cover can range from R100,000 to R500,000

You can take cover for yourself or pay a FutureBuilder policy of any one in your immediate family.

What's more is that the FutureBuilder product comes with a money back benefit. This money back is paid into your bank account every five years while the policy is still active. This Metropolitan's way of thanking you for being a client of theirs.

FutureChoice Life Cover

Because our needs change as we grow older, and so do the needs of our loved ones, Metropolitan understands the need to cater to both those individuals who seek term life insurance and whole life cover. Simply, term life cover is insurance that expires after a number of years or decades. You will continue to receive the benefits due to you as per your policy throughout the duration, but you will receive a surrender amount at the end of the term, which is usually the savings portion of your insurance.

Whole life insurance is cover that insures you for the entire duration of your life (or until you cancel the policy or it lapses).

With FutureChoice life cover, your premiums are flexible due to the fact that you can decrease the level of cover you require at any time.

Also, with this policy, you have premium waiver benefits, sometimes called premium holidays. What this means is that you can skip your premium payments in January and defer them to February. It is obvious that the main reason for this is because most people, even well-paying policyholders need a little extra income in January – just after the holidays.

Furthermore, your premiums can be waivered if your are terminally ill and have a life expectancy of less than 1 year. In this case, your entire cover would be paid out to you as well.

There is also a cash back bonus

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When you take out any Metropolitan life cover policy you also qualify for the Multiply rewards programme which gives you discounts and cash back when you buy at selected retailers. Visit their website for more.

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