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Clientele Life Cover is one of South Africa's premier life insurance products. With decades' experience in the life insurance industry in the country, Clientele makes not only for the perfect partner for your life cover needs, but for your overall financial planning.

The lives of your loved ones are important. When you are no longer able to be there for your children – this could be due to disability, retrenchment, or death – isn't is great to know that one of the best life insurance companies out there, is going to be the financial pillar you once where to your family?




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Clientele Life Insurance

Clientele is famous for their Lasting Dignity Plan. This flagship life cover product has transformed over the years – changing to reflect the changing needs of life insurance buyers. As such, the Clientele Lasting Dignity Plan includes a funeral plan of R20,000 on affordable premiums off just R180 per month, and a cash back plan after 5 years of not claiming. It was one of the first products to offer your premiums back after a number of years.

Things have changed however, and these days Clientele offers other products. At a more comprehensive scale is the Premium Life Plan. Just like the Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan, Premium Life has the option to be bundled with funeral cover, critical and terminal illness insurance, and disability cover. With the plan, your cover can be up to R10 000 000. It's a good idea to get at least a few life cover quotes.

While other life insurers have neglected diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer, Clientele hasn't. You don't have to recall far back to remember the exorbitant cost life cover was for people suffering with these diseases. For Clientele, this needed a solution, and one of them was the company's cancer plans. A cancer plan life policy can be taken up as a separate policy to Clientele's other products, and can cover you for up to R300 000. Other benefits of such a policy include breast screenings, and specialist medical care.

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