All You Need to Know About Assupol's Life Cover Policies

Assupol life cover is one of the most affordable ways to insure yourself and your family. Assupol's life cover costs from as little as R73 for a basic R1-million life cover, or R150 for a more comprehensive R10-million solution.

Assupol Policy

Assupol is one of South Africa's leading providers of life cover. The company offers these three solutions, (1) the R73 per month Progressive Accident Plan which includes the popular Assupol On-Call service and a maximum of R1 000 000 in life cover.

Also for just R90 monthly, you can buy R300 000 life cover. This second option has the added benefit of cash back. This is simply Assupol's way of thanking you for not making claims on your policy, however, instead of taking your money like other insurers have in the past, Assupol deposits all your monthly premiums after 10 claim free years.




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Lastly, Assupol life cover includes the progressive legacy plan where your lump sum pay out can be as much as R10 million! That's a lot of money, and what your beneficiaries can do with that money is pay off any outstanding debt you had, and ensure a secure financial life for themselves.

The life cover company offers a variety of affordable to more pricey products. However, you shouldn't fear because there's something for everyone. Assupol's consultants know exactly the issues faced by people when they want but life cover, thus a 24 hour helpline is always available to you.

Leaving a lasting legacy is what Assupol wants to assist you with. And although it may seem like a mammoth task at first, Life Cover South Africa is there to help you along the way with all the information you need.

The company's comprehensive life cover products make for a more simplistic way to get insurance that suites your needs. In recent years, the company has demutualized, something that greatly benefited its former members. Unfortunately, the demutualization is long done, but the Assupol life cover you may not have qualified for previously, is now made freely available online. The first step is just getting life cover quotes.

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