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Hassle-free life cover quotes with the use of our form or via a call back. 22% average savings on your life cover. Sound financial analysis during the time of your policy. If all these sound impossible, then you should know a little bit more about 1Life life cover.

1Life was previously know as 1Life Direct, and was and still is South Africa's most successful direct seller of life insurance products. This can be all done over the internet or via telephone. But with respect to the company's individual products, you best be informed of the following.

1Life offers standard life insurance, and extended options. Within these there are the below insurance types.

Dread disease cover, which settles your bills when your medical aid cannot. It's a form of hospital insurance which pays you money everyday that you are in hospital, which is the money you can use for hospital expenses and whatever else you want.

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Female dread disease is specific to women, and the cancers associated with females. These include breast, cervical cancers, and more. Because of the strain this puts on you, 1Life covers your medical expenses and other emergencies that may arise because of your illness. The company is also one of a few that has specific cancer insurance in South Africa.

Another one of the insurance types offered is disability cover, which pays out if you are disabled by injury or illness. This can be both occupational (inability to work) and functional disability (inability to use any of your basic body functions).

Another great aspect about 1Life is their funeral cover. This is built in onto their standard life cover, where you (on the death of a member of your policy) or when you die, receive up to R100,000 to help towards your funeral expenses.

On average, 1Life life cover starts at R120 per month (premiums), and the lifetime value of your cover can be as much as R10-million. There are no medical examinations when you take up cover, you can simply get life insurance quotes and/or call them. Natural and accidental deaths are covered immediately, while there is a waiting period of 24 months for suicides.

1Life promises to change lives, and for the better. You certainly won't go wrong with cover from them.

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