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Liberty Life Cover is a comprehensive suite of life insurance products offered by Liberty Life, one of South Africa's leading life assurance companies. The scale and ability to provide a wide range of insurance products to many millions of South Africans is one good reason why you should consider Liberty Life Cover. Here is what you can get from a policy.




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Considering the variety of products that are available to you, a couple more are worth noting that are both offered with the comprehensive life insurance policy, or as stand alone policies. These include the following.

All of Liberty's life cover products pay out tax free lump sums when you successfully claim, and can therefore be regarded as good investments for your future and the future of your loved ones.

More about Liberty's products

Your family may depend on you financially, and so the need for buying life cover for your spouse, children and even extended family members becomes ever more important as you grow older. Liberty offers you and your family holistic life cover, which ensures that if any one of you in the policy passes away, becomes disabled, you or your loved ones will be paid out to compensate for the loss or injury. Furthermore, your children (over 21 years old), spouse and parents can easily take out their own life cover and enlist you as a beneficiary. All of this is made to protect you and your family when tragedy strikes. Having adequate life insurance is one of the best ways to protect against those unexpected tragedies. Always make sure you get several life cover quotes.

Liberty was one of the first insurers in South Africa to offer cover for HIV-positive individuals. As such, the policies they offer have been more finely tuned to cater for the needs of HIV-positive people. HIV/AIDS remains a big challenge for many people in the country, but at least now people who are affected and infected by the disease can entrust their financial needs to Liberty.

In an effort to add more value to its products, all Liberty Life products qualify policyholders with Liberty Rewards, which is a discounts and money back programme that offers cash rewards when you buy at certain retailers or complete certain lifestyle activities like attending the gym for example.

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