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Life Cover in South Africa consists of a variety of insurance policies that make a whole. You can get anything from funeral plans, disability cover, medical cover, and financial planning. Whereas a few years ago you could only take up these policies as separate, distinct insurances, the life cover provided by South Africa’s leading insurance providers has moved towards grouping these into one, so that you have a piece of each. This of course has driven down the cost of getting covered not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

Secure your future and the futures of your loved ones today by getting free life cover quotes. Ours is an easy process, and one that will leave you knowing that you’ve done what’s needed for a sound and insured future.

Leading Causes of Death in South Africa.

We live in a crazy country where seldom a day goes by that we hear of some kind of frightening event that usually claims a life. Crime is not endemic to South Africa, but the prevalence of violent crime is more common here than in most other countries. Mostly this makes us take active steps towards securing our homes from intruders - so we think we are fine and we pray for peace. South Africa quite sadly lists 3 of it’s major cities in the Top 50 cities with the highest global murder rate, with Cape Town ranking in at 15th in the world and the highest in South Africa. Yes, that’s Cape Town “the Mother City” which is a big tourist draw card! Following is Durban at 44th spot and then Port Elizabeth in 46th position.

Now you might think that with all the negative press surrounding crime and violence that these are meaningful statistics and that you live a low risk lifestyle and you are safe from accidental death (and that you don’t need life cover). Wrong! Well it’s not fair to say that you need life cover to protect your family from your loss in case of murder – it’s just that statistically, murder and disability from crime are pretty low down in the list of probable reasons for needing cover. You are far more likely to die from Influenza (currently 4.3% of natural deaths) or a stroke (5.1%).

Hmm - so what this really means is that you are not insuring your self against being a victim of crime but from the everyday diseases and natural causes of death. See the image below for a quick visual reference.

causes of death South Africa 2016

Why is non-disclosure so important?

As we have seen in a recent debacle with Momentum Life cover and a widowed claimant who had her claim rejected in the basis that her deceased husband, who died from a hijacking gunshot wound in 2017, did not disclose that he had a high blood-sugar level. There was huge public outcry and support for the widow despite the insurance ombudsman ruling in favour of the Momentum insurance company. The claimant and general public felt that the cause of death and deceased medical condition were completely unrelated – but the law is clear on this: Non-disclosure means no payout. So if you have an existing medical condition, then you need to inform your Life Cover insurance company or your family could end up without any payout – and you will most likely be unable to contest this.