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Life is full of wonderful pleasures and moments to enjoy, but it's hard to do any of that if your financial circumstances are dire. Disability, unemployment, and death can be the things that put yours and your family's financial position in a dire state, which is why life cover is so important for everyone – including you.

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Typically, you would have to visit the websites of the many life insurance companies available out there, but the amount of information out there can easily lead to information overload. What does differently is compile only the most important details about the various insurers, and furthermore, we give resourceful information about the life cover products of each insurer in a concise manner that leaves out any unnecessary information. Because, we hope you can have a better understanding of your needs, and how to qualify them in your choice of life cover that you eventually opt for.

By comparing life cover quotes from up to 9 life insurers, we help you become better empowered.

Life Insurance comprises of the following insurance types, all of which are long-term insurance products that can be added or removed depending on your policy needs.

Funeral Cover or Death Benefit

This is probably the most important of all the components of any life insurance policy. A funeral benefit in a life insurance policy is usually many times more than it would be under a typical funeral insurance policy. This is because life insurance products seek to cover more than just your funeral expenses, but help maintain the financial well-being of your loved-ones beyond your passing. Because of this, life cover payouts can be in the hundred of thousands of millions of rands. This money can ensure you have a dignified funeral, but equally important, it ensures that the outstanding balance of your home can be paid out, that your children have enough money to continue and complete their studies, and so on.

Disability Cover

One of the many benefits of life insurance is that it can work for you while you are alive, because it is more than just a contract for funeral cover. If you are striken by a disability of any kind, then your insurance can pay up to a certain amount for minor disabilities, or the entire insured sum if you become seriously disabled. This is to limit the burden your family and other carers have to take on because you cannot physically do certain things.

Unemployment Insurance

Salary protection is a way to insure your salary should you become unemployed. Simply, this pays out to ensure you receive a salary or enough to cover your expenses and other lifestyle changes.

Together, all these are either bundled as one comprehensive life cover product, which allows our partners to generate competitive life insurance quotes for you.